During Production Inspection

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What is a During Production Inspection(DUPRO/DPI)?

During Production Inspection, also known as DUPRO/DPI, is a product inspection conducted during the production. The inspection service is well suited for products that are in continuous production. The dupro service is also well suited for products that have strict requirements for on-time shipments, or when quality issues are found prior to manufacturing during a Factory Audit.

When is it Normal to Conduct a DUPRO

A during production is usually starts when 10-15% of units are completed. The inspector will identify deviations and give feedback on corrective measures during the inspection. Lastly, the inspector will check whether corrective measures have been taken towards the defect items. A Pre-Shipment inspection will then overlook the entire batch to confirm that deviations from the provided requirements have been corrected.

What is the Purpose of a During Production Inspection?

The purpose of a During Production Inspection is to detect any issues requiring correction early in the production life-cycle and thereby reducing delays. Furthermore it enables you to confirm that the goods meet your requirements and comply to required specifications. Ethical Audits are often the last step in the sourcing process. It usually takes place after screening a group of potential suppliers down to the serious ones. The purpose of an Ethical Audit is to:

  • Verify that your supplier is an actual manufacturer
  • Ensure your products have been manufactured before paying your supplier
  • Verify product quality onsite and avoid paying for damaged or defective units
  • Ensure that your supplier meets with all agreed-upon specifications before departure
  • Protect the image of your brand
  • Avoid costly returns to the supplier and mitigate import risk


For all inspections, Inspection Bird uses the standard internationally recognized ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling procedure. These comprehensive criteria cover: functionality, performance, durability, overall appearance, and dimension. Inspection certificates are issued if stipulated in the letter of credit.

Our inspectors will provide a full and detailed inspection report with supporting pictures at each stage of the production process. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview with all the information and data you need.

Inspection Birds's standard DUPRO checklist is divided into five parts:

  1. Production status
  2. Production line evaluation and timeline verification
  3. Random sampling of semi-finished and finished product
  4. Package and packaging material
  5. Overall assessment and recommendations

What is Unique With Our Service?

  • Comprehensive report with images supplied after audit
  • Fixed price - All inclusive
  • Everything online
  • Personal consultant
  • Amazon FBA knowledge
  • We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Norwegian

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