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Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Questions and Answers

1. How quick are you able to initiate an inspection or an audit? plus interface icon

We guarantee that we will have our inspection team in place within 48 hours. If not, you'll receive a 100% refund with no questions asked. The term is valid as long as your supplier is accepting inspections and audits. Weekends are outside fo this guarantee.

Our inspectors should have access to the packaging material for testing purposes. However, if the packaging does not allow the inspector to correctly identify the products, we'll still need to review and repack the products under our inspection control. This is of course all included in our service price.

We inspect the shipment according to AQL international standards ISO9001/ANSI/Z1.4 and according to your instructions and specifications.

We will summarize the measurements, test results and images in a comprehensive report alongside with our comments and explanations.

If your shipment fails an inspection there are 5 scenarios:

We recommend two things:

  1. Tell your supplier you would like to pay 30% per-production and 70% after the inspection
  2. Pay your supplier through an escrow payment service. At least until you have become well aquainted with your supplier and their practices.

Paypal will require that your products get returned to the supplier before reimbursing you for the purchased products. This means that in the best case scenario you'll get reimbursed your product cost but not the shipment cost for returning the products to your supplier. If you are shipping internationally the cost of returning the shipment can become very high. We therefore recommend our inspection services for internationals or locals with larger shipments.

  • Professionalism: Working procedures developed for each product category.
  • Reliability: Objective results based on International Inspection standards.
  • Integrity: No conflict of interest
  • Cost: Less costly

As a 3rd party inspection company it would be a conflict of interest to recommend a factory on one side, and then inspect that same factory in which we have interest. This would be equivalent to your supplier acting as the inspector of their own facilities. Although we know many companies follow this practice, it is important for us to remain a neutral party and maintain our business integrity.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any shipment services. However, we have provided a list of shipping companies whoch we believe offer great rates to certain destinations.

Yes, we do have several sample reports. You can download our sample report by clicking here.

How many days required depends on the size of the shipment, the product's complexity and the size of the product. That being said more than 93% of all shipments only require 1 day of inspection(That is one man-day). You can read more about man-days and required inspection time here.

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